LACO’s partner distributor FLUIDX now offers a complete selection of Vacuum Pump Oil & Grease to serve both LACO and FLUIDX customers. Contact us for a quote, or order online with our partner distributor FLUIDX at their site

See below table for a listing of the most common vacuum pump oils and greases used on LACO systems.

Part #Description
LVO191G19 Grade Vacuum Pump  Oil (1G)
LVO191QT19 Grade Vacuum Pump  Oil (1Q)
LVO201QT20 Grade Vacuum Pump  Oil (1Q)
LVO205G20 Grade Vacuum Pump  Oil (5G)
LVOEZ1GElite Z Grade Vacuum  Pump Oil (1G)
LVOEZ1QTElite Z Grade Vacuum  Pump Oil (1Q)
LVOEZ5GElite Z Grade Vacuum  Pump Oil (5G)
LVOFF1G170 Grade Vacuum Pump  Flushing Fluid (1G)
LVOFF5G170 Grade Vacuum Pump  Flushing Fluid (5G)
LVO914OZ4 OZ Silicone Vacuum  Grease
LVODC1505.3 OZ Dow Corning  High Vacuum Grease