VacOil® FF Grade vacuum pump flushing fluid is designed to assist in the internal cleaning of particles and sludge build-up in mechanical vacuum pumps. Using FF Grade Flushing Fluid after change your oil as part of your regular pump maintenance will ensure your vacuum pump is free of contaminants. Low viscosity helps free contamination from internal parts and discharge it through the drain valve.

  • Lower viscosity frees contamination from internal parts
  • Extend pump life through regular use after ever oil change
Vapor Pressure:< 1 x 10-4 Torr
Viscosity @ 100 ºF:25.3 cSt / 120.3 SUS
Viscosity @ 200 ºF:
4.4 cSt / 40 SUS
Flash Point:
180 ºC / 356 ºF
Pour Point:
 -12 ºC / +11 ºF
Specific Gravity:
No accessories available.