LACO Technologies, headquartered in picturesque Salt Lake City, UT, stands as the premier manufacturer of Vacuum & Leak Testing Systems. Since our establishment in 1975, we have consistently led our industry in innovation, precision craftsmanship, and technological advancements. Our unwavering commitment extends not only to our work but also to our dedicated employees.

Central to our company culture is the cultivation of a balanced work-life environment, enabling our team to excel. With this ethos in mind, we provide an all-encompassing benefits package that reflects our generosity and dedication to our employees' well-being. At LACO Technologies, we have a steadfast commitment to excellence, from our world-class products to our robust workforce.

At LACO Technologies, our products empower our customers to facilitate space communication, advance medical research, save lives, ensure product integrity, create comfortable living spaces, and enhance transportation safety—all with peace of mind.


We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where work and personal well-being coexist harmoniously, without one intruding on the other. LACO values hard work and understands the importance of giving you time for rest and relaxation, ensuring you bring your best to work. Our exceptional benefits package, offered to full-time employees, is designed to promote a healthy work-life balance. It includes:

9/80 Work Schedule

Work 9 hours each day and receive extended weekends with every other Friday off. Available for most positions.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Generous PTO benefits starting from your first day of work, with the option carry over or cash in your accrued PTO.

Paid Holidays

LACO provides 10 paid holidays each year to spend with your loved ones, including a year-end Christmas shutdown.

Flexible Work Schedule

Choose your work schedule from a variety of options, including 30 or 60-minute lunch breaks to reset during your work days.

Health Insurance

We provide generous contributions to your medical and dental insurance, as well as company-paid life insurance – for you and your dependents.

401K with Matching

We offer a 401K plan with a generous match allowing you to save for your future.

Tuition Reimbursement

Receive reimbursement for eligible classes during your employment at LACO.

Company Parties & Lunches

We sponsor regular company parties and lunches, to get to know team members.

LACO also offers several voluntary benefits you can choose from including:

  • Short and long-term disability, accident, hospital indemnity, critical illness, and a cancer guardian feature.
  • Pet insurance, identity theft protection, and legal protection.
  • Professional development program offering year-end bonuses for completing classes, furthering your education.


Our Core Values

At LACO Technologies, our fundamental principles define the very essence of our identity, nurturing a culture of compassion that permeates every decision we undertake.

Fairness & Integrity to All: We prioritize genuine concern for one another and uphold complete honesty and transparency. Our commitment to fairness means we avoid favoritism and honor diverse perspectives and experiences. We genuinely care about the well-being of our employees and their families.

Be Proactive and Accountable: We deeply care about our work and LACO's overall output, holding ourselves accountable for contributing to LACO’s success. Our proactive approach involves taking initiative and addressing needs promptly.

Always Improving: Our level of care is demonstrated through our consistent efforts to become better versions of ourselves. We demonstrate our care by striving for personal improvement, assisting others in their growth, and finding ways to enhance all aspects of our business. We meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards ensuring our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

Wow the Customer: We genuinely care about our customers and their interactions with LACO, valuing their experience with our products and services. Our dedication is evident in our efforts to go the extra mile, aiming to provide a positive, awe-inspiring customer experience, putting our personal and company reputations on the line.

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