FRONTIER Cube TVAC Systems (FST) are ideal for testing and requirements that demand the high volume and versatility of a cube vacuum chamber. Configurable to met your precise testing requirements, Frontier Thermal Vacuum Chamber systems give you the power and versatility of a custom system with the price point, convenience, and short lead times of a standard system.

Standard Features


  • Cube chambers from 20" to 36" I.D.
  • Platen thermal cycling options:
    • LN2 and electrical heat: -150°C to 150°C
    • Recirculation chiller: -70°C to 150°C
    • Vacuum: ATM to 10-7 Torr
  • Thermal shroud options:
    • Body shrouds (left, right and top) and/or door shroud
    • Shroud heating with electrical Kapton heaters
    • Shroud high emissivity coatings with Aeroglaze Z306
  • Custom electrical, T/C or other feedthroughs

FST Cube TVAC System Sizes (inches)

TVAC-2020 TVAC-2424 TVAC-3030 TVAC-3636
Chamber (I.D.) 20x20x20 24x24x24 30x30x30 36x36x36
Platen Size (LxW) 19x19 23x23 29x29 35x35
Device Under Test Vol. (LxWxH) 19x19x16 23x23x23 29x29x26 35x35x32