With a cost about 50% less than a cubic chamber of the same size, our Vertical Cylindrical Top-Loading Vacuum Chambers are the best solution when you need a high volume at a lower cost. Choose from industrial vacuum (VI), high vacuum (VH), or our large chamber series (VL).


  • Helium leak testing of every chamber with leak rates guaranteed to less than 10-8 atm-cc/sec.
  • Certificate of Conformance to verify chamber is capable of full vacuum with a reported helium leak rate
  • Designs that include ports that will not crack or leak over time
  • FEA analysis on every chamber to guarantee chamber is structurally sound for full vacuum

Standard Chamber Specifications


Series CC—Cube Chambers
Vertical Cylindrical: Top-loading
Diameter: 6" - 24"
Height: 9" - 24"
Vertical Cylindrical: Top-loading
Diameter: 8" - 24"
Height: 10" - 24"
Vertical Cylindrical: Top-loading
Diameter: 30", 36", or 48"
Height: 30" - 48"
MATERIAL Stainless Steel or Aluminum (Body)
Stainless Steel or Acrylic (Lid)
Stainless Steel (Body)
Stainless Steel (Lid)
Stainless Steel (Body)
Stainless Steel (Lid)
LID/DOOR Removable or Hinged (w/L-Gasket Seal) Removable or Hinged (w/L-Gasket Seal) Lift and Swing style
VACUUM RATING 10-3 Torr 10-6 Torr (Bead blast finish)
10-7 Torr (#4 grain or electropolished)
ATM to 10-3 Torr or Higher with Appropriate Vacuum Pump
PORTS (3) Vacuum, Vent and Gauge (3) Vacuum, Vent and Gauge (NW ports only) (3) Vacuum, Vent and Gauge
VALVES (2) Ball Valves for Vacuum and Vent Ports None (2) Ball Valves for Vacuum and Vent Ports
GAUGE (1) 0-30" Dial Vacuum Gauge None (1) 0-30" Dial Vacuum Gauge


Custom Options such as additional ports, feedthroughs, viewports, shelving, lighting, and integration with vacuum accessories can be quoted upon request. Click here to learn more about these and other options.

Custom chamber QUOTe requests

  • Custom Vacuum Chamber: Complete our Custom Chamber form—select the options you require and submit for formal quotation
  • Project Design Assistance: Use our Contact form or contact us directly at 800-465-1004