TITAN VERSA on cart attached to TVAC

The TITAN VERSA helium leak detector package is a proven solution using cutting-edge technology designed for leak detection of your TVAC systems. With its high sensitivity, the system can detect helium leak rates as low as 5x10-12 atm-cc/sec. Equipped with an internal dry membrane vacuum pump the TITAN VERSA achieves 2.5 L/sec helium pumping speed.

Standard TITAN VERSA Package

  • No auxiliary dry pump
  • Integrates with existing system vacuum & turbo pumps
  • 120 V (XSX-1T) | 220 V (XSX-2T)

Upgraded TITAN VERSA Package

  • Auxiliary ACP40 dry pump capable of 24 CFM
  • Internal high flow evacuation valve
  • Supports testing without system vacuum pump
  • 120 V (DSX-1T) | 220 V (DSX-2T)