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A manufacturer of semiconductor products required a vacuum oven for component processing.

Based on our standard LVO Series 20" Cube Vacuum Oven, LACO’s team of engineers configured a Custom Vacuum Oven with the options to meet our customer's requirements, including two internally heated aluminum shelves that provide direct and uniform temperature control through conductance heating of the shelf and customer part. 

The oven features our HVC-3500 thermal vacuum oven controller, allowing the operator complete control of temperature setpoints, hold time and test recipes.

  • System Platform: Cube style LVO Series 20" Cube Vacuum Oven configuration with stainless steel chamber
  • Process Controller: Programmable test recipes and data logging for vacuum, pressure, and temperature via HVC-3500 process controller
  • System Enclosure: Fully integrated and enclosed system mounted on powder-coated steel benchtop frame with casters
  • Shelf: Two 19” W x 19” L  adjustable aluminum heated shelves  
  • Pump Package: Dry scroll pump and high vacuum turbo pump
Chamber Dimensions:
20" W x 20" L x 20" H | LVC202020-3322-CH
Chamber Material:
Stainless steel w/hinged stainless steel door
Chamber Seal:
Buna O-ring
Approximate Volume (in³):
Vacuum Rating:
760 -  7.5 x 10-6 Torr
Temperature Rating:
240 °C  
NW16 (gauge) | NW25 (rough vacuum, vent, gauge. purge) | ISO100 (high vacuum) | power/RTD with feedthrough pins
Leak Rate:
1 x10-8 atm cc/sec (helium)
HVC-3500 thermal vacuum controller | 7” color touchscreen | dual overtemperature gauges
Pump Package:
Dry scroll pump (8.5 CFM) and high-vacuum turbo pump
240 VAC, 1 phase
No accessories available.

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