Vacuum Oven for particle measuring components, angled view Rear view, vacuum Oven for particle measuring components, rear view

A company that provides cleanroom particle counters and contamination monitoring required an internally heated vacuum oven system.  Our customer configured our standard LVO Series Vacuum Ovens to their unique application,  providing them a feature-packed vacuum oven in a quick turnaround time.

Based on our standard LVO Series 18" Cylindrical Vacuum Oven , we configured the oven with options to meet customer requirements, including custom ports and feedthroughs. An internally heated aluminum shelf provides  direct and uniform control of temperatures through conductance heating of the shelf and customer part.  

The oven features a HVC-2500 Heat & Vacuum Controller, allowing operator control of vacuum setpoint at desired temperatures and hold time. Control box includes start and stop push buttons, and features a color touch screen PLC with analog inputs. Other features include PID temperature control with solid state relay, overtemperature alarm, thermocouple input, and up to five programmable recipes (timers and setpoints) with up to 20 steps each.