Custom Degas Chamber

A research university required a portable degassing system for research and development that fit their time frame and budget.

With standard vacuum degassing systems ready and available, we were able to efficiently customize the VDS182015S 18" X 20" Cart Degassing System to meet their application requirements. Options and accessories include custom port sizes and locations, double-suction cup style lid handles, a VC-1000 Vacuum Controller, and a recessed chamber position on lower shelf of cart.

  • Fully integrated vacuum degassing system includes Series VI Vertical Industrial vacuum chamber, single stage rotary vane vacuum pump,  InstruTech® Stinger Digital Vacuum Gauge, clear trap, oil mist eliminator, and all related hoses and connectors mounted on portable cart .
  • 18" X 20" Vacuum Chamber features custom port locations, two double-suction cup style lid handles, and is large enough to contain a 5-gallon bucket
  • VC-1000 Vacuum Controller integrates the vacuum gauges and vacuum valves based on adjustable setpoint from vacuum gauge using relay logic. Features include automatic setpoint control, manual vent and evacuation, and auto evacuation
  • Manual vacuum valve for full control of vacuum pump-down
  • Manual vent valves prevent overflows during compound degassing
Chamber Dimensions:
12" DIA x 18" L
Vacuum Chamber:
LVC1820-3111-VI Series VI Chamber
Approximate Volume (in³): 
Vacuum Rating:
0.05 Torr
Chamber Material:
304 Stainless Steel
Lid Material:
1.5" Acrylic
Seal Type: 
Buna L-gasket
Lid Configuration:
Fully removable lid
Vacuum Port:
3/4" NPT
Vent Port:
1/2" NPT
Gauge Port:
1/4" NPT
Glass bead blast finish
VC-1000 Vacuum Controller
Pumping System:
Single stage oil sealed high vacuum rotary vane pump designed for saturated (wet) service
Pumping Speed:
15 CFM
Vacuum Gauge:
InstruTech® Stinger Digital Vacuum Gauge
Two double-suction cup style lid handles, clear trap, oil mist eliminator, hoses, and connectors

No accessories available.

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