Thermal Vacuum Degas System Thermal Vacuum Degas System Thermal Vacuum Degas System Thermal Vacuum Degas System

A national laboratory required a custom heavy duty, cart-mounted vacuum degas system featuring a mobile cart and removable panels for easy access to system components. We engineered a solution comprised of a 15” DIA x 15” H vacuum chamber with a clear acrylic lid mounted in a ruggedized cart. This vacuum degas system is designed for simple, trouble-free temperature and vacuum control via a custom controller – developed to seamlessly work with components such as heating elements, thermocouples, and vacuum feedthroughs.

  • Heavy duty, ruggedized mobile cart
  • 15” DIA x 15” H stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • Custom HVC-1000 heater and vacuum controller
  • External cylindrical band heaters
  • FM approved over-temperature protection
  • Quick start/stop toggle switch for heater
  • Adjustable setpoint control
  • Convection gauge controller with digital pressure display
Chamber Dimensions:
15" DIA x 15"H
Vacuum Chamber:
Custom VI Series Industrial
Approximate Volume (in³):
Vacuum Rating:
10 x 10-3 Torr
Chamber Material:
304 Stainless Steel
Lid Material:
1.5” thick clear acrylic
Seal Type: 
 Buna L-gasket
Lid Configuration:
Vertical hinge and shock support
Vacuum Port:
3/4” NPT
Vent Port:
1/2” NPT
Gauge Port:
1/4” NPG
Custom HVC-1000  
Pumping System:
14 CFM, two-stage, oil-sealed RVP
Vacuum Gauge:
InstruTech® Stinger digital gauge
Cylindrical band capable of holding 93 °C +/-1 °C wall temperature
No accessories available.

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