Tabletop vacuum degas system Tabletop vacuum degas system - back view

Research hospital required a vacuum degassing system for medical R&D. Customer requirements included full automation with customization test recipes and sequences. We engineered a vacuum degassing system our standard LVC0609-3111-VI vacuum chamber and the VC-2500 Vacuum Controller

  • Fully automated tabletop vacuum degassing system
  • VC-2500 Vacuum Controller integrates the vacuum gauges and vacuum valves for automated mode operation or for safe, interlocked manual mode. Controller features programmable evacuation, vent and hold conditions, up to 20 test recipe configurations, data logging and storage.
Chamber Dimensions:
6" DIA x 9" H (OD)
Series VI Vertical Cylindrical Industrial Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Rating:
0.050 Torr
Chamber Material:
304 Stainless Steel
Lid Material:
Lid Configuration:
No Hinge/Clamp
Buna L-gasket
Vacuum Port:
1/2" NPT
Vent Port:
1/4" NPT
Gauge Port:
1/4" NPT
Approximate Volume (in³):
VC-2500 Vacuum Controller
Tabletop system
Pumping System:
W2V10  Two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump (3 cfm)
0-30inHg vacuum gauge on chamber and high vacuum digital Torr gauge (range 760 to 0.001 torr), vacuum inlet trap with filter

No accessories available.

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