Environmental Testing Chambers Multi-Chamber Altitude Testing System with Custom Ports VC-3500 Vacuum Controller

 A global communications company required a system that could test multiple components for a propulsion system that operates at high altitude under cryogenic temperatures.  

LACO engineered a custom, multi-chamber altitude testing system capable of being placed within a larger environmental chamber that could achieve cryogenic temperatures. The system includes four customized Series VI vacuum chambers capable of handling the customer's extreme vacuum and temperature requirements. Upgrades included custom stainless steel bolted lids with wire copper seals, vacuum ports, feedthroughs, and a custom mounting ring for customer parts. 

The VC-3500 Vacuum Controller integrates all four chambers for automated or interlocked, manual mode, with programmable evacuation, vent, and hold conditions. With data logging and custom test recipes, the controller is able to control and gather data all system chambers.