Automated cart vacuum degassing system - open lid Automated cart vacuum degassing system with lid lift Automated cart vacuum degassing system Vacuum degassing chamber - interior view

A designer and manufacturer of elastomers and seals required a degassing system with features comprised of automation, temperature control, and mixing.  

We engineered an vacuum system degassing system featuring the HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller, providing full, automated vacuum and heat control. The degassing vacuum chamber is an 18" DIA x 20" H Series VI chamber large enough to fit a 5-gallon bucket. System options include a pneumatic lid lift, electrical mixer, and internal disc heating.

  • Pneumatic actuated lid lift via manual actuating valve — allowing lid to move up, down, and side-to-side rotation.
  • Electrical mixer mounted on lid with variable speed drive and manual controller
  • Internal disc heater with electrical and thermocouple feedthroughs
  • RTD probe installed in lid for immersion into test product for use as the temperature control point for the disc heater
  • HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller provides automated vacuum and temperature control, customizable software, and adjustable test recipes. Controller provides ability to record both pressure and temperature, automate timer based on temperature, and automatic shutoff
Chamber Dimensions:
18" DIA x 20" H
Vacuum Chamber:
Series VI Vertical Industrial
Chamber Material:
304 Stainless Steel
Lid Material/Configuration:
Acrylic / Integrated electric mixer with pneumatically actuated lift system
Chamber Heat:
Internal disc heater setup with aluminum plate and electrical feedthroughs
Buna L-gasket
Approximate Volume (in³):
Thermal Vacuum Controller:
Vacuum Rating:
0.05 Torr
Pumping System:
W2V40 - 14 cfm two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump
Heavy-duty welded carbon steel construction with metal panels and rugged locking casters
Light Tower:
6' high light tower integrated with thermal vacuum controller

No accessories available.

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LVC1820-3112-VI Vacuum Chamber Drawing