LACO standard tabletop vacuum degassing system LACO standard tabletop vacuum degassing system

LACO Custom Standard Tabletop Vacuum Degassing System provides an economical and efficient solution to your degassing application

  • Clear acrylic chamber vacuum chamber for full visibility
  • 3.5 CFM UN-250VH dry piston pump ideal for clean room applications
  • Manual vacuum valve for full control of vacuum pump-down 
  • Manual vent valves prevent overflows during compound degassing
  • All items installed onto a 24" x 18" tabletop base
Chamber Dimension: 
12" DIA x 18" H | LVC1218-1121-VC
Chamber Material:
Clear Acrylic body with 1" thick clear acrylic removable lid
Lid Configuration:
No Hinge/Clamp
Chamber Seal:
Buna  O-ring
Vacuum Port:
3/4" NPT
Vent Port: 
1/4" NPT
Gauge Port:
1/4" NPT
Approximate Volume (in³):
Leak Rate:
1 x10-8 atm cc/sec (helium)
Vacuum Pump: 
System Vacuum Rating:
3.5 CFM

No accessories available.

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