Experience 360° degrees of visibility with our VC Series Vacuum Chambers, and enjoy a clear and accurate view of your vacuum process. An ideal replacement for heavy glass bell jar chambers, these rugged, top loading chambers can achieve vacuum performance down to 0.1 Torr with appropriate vacuum pump. 


  • Vacuum Rating: 0.1 Torr, 29.9 inHg
  • Ports: Vacuum, vent and gauge
  • Material: Clear acrylic
  • Valves: Two ball valves
  • Gauge: 0-30" dial vacuum gauge
  • Quality Testing: Helium leak testing for quality assurance

Use our clear vacuum chamber configuator to select one of our standard clear chambers for quoting. For custom options such as additional ports, feedthroughs or integration with vacuum accessories use our custom chamber form to select the options you prefer and submit for quoting. Not sure what you need or need immediate assistance? Use our contact form or contact us directly at 800-465-1004.