Perform pre-launch test requirements in-house and on schedule with LACO’s Standard TVAC Bake-Out and Thermal Cycling Test (TVCT) Systems. Designed and built by the industry leader in space simulation testing, our TVAC systems meet NASA GSFC-STD-7000 standards for vacuum bake-out, temperature margins, thermal cycling, soak time performance, and pressure.

Perfect for CubeSats and other space-bound components, our budget-friendly TVAC systems provide integrated, automated control of your testing process


  • Avoid testing delays with the control and convenience of in-house testing
  • Get a budget-friendly system with the shortest lead times in the industry
  • Eliminate the guesswork, time, and labor of building your own custom TVAC system
  • Avoid overpaying for expensive, custom thermal vacuum testing systems


  • Achieve successful compliance of pre-launch bake-out requirements and specifications
  • Outgas contaminants and impurities to ensure product viability and success
  • Collect test data efficiently for pre-launch reports
  • Integrate optional chiller for convenient thermal cycling system upgrade


  • Get all the TVAC Bake-Out functionality, plus thermal cycling testing capabilities
  • Test products for qualification, acceptance, pre-launch requirements, and in-orbit environment viability
  • Replicate the extreme pressure and temperature environments of launch and orbit sequences
  • Use for performance verification, component qualification, or material research